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4smarts Melody Slúchadlá USB 3.5mm/Type-C Čierne
4smarts Melody Slúchadlá USB 3.5mm/Type-C Čierne
Krátky popis Neodolateľný produkt 4smarts Melody Slúchadlá USB 3.5mm/Type-C Čierne od výrobca 4smarts u nás nájdete v zľave za 14,99 €.
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  • 14,99
EAN 4250774937620
High-end sound and full power! Rediscover your music with the 4smarts stereo headset Melody. Features: Detailed sound reproduction combined with deep bass Thanks to an included adapter cable fully compatible to regular headphone jacks (3. 5mm) and USB Type-C ports Stylish design and comfortable wearing Knot-free, highly flexible audio cable Slider on the cable for easy volume adjusting Call button Integrated microphone Cable length: 1. 2 m Connector: USB Typ-C Sensitivity: 96 dB +/- 3dB Frequency response: 20Hz - 20,000Hz Impedance: 32 ohm Output power: 5 mW Explanation on passive adapters: Like most of the headsets on the market, this is a passive, analogue headset. To ensure full functionality, it is required that the used smartphone supports an analogue signal on its USB Type-C port. Whether the smartphone supports this feature or not can vary from phone model to phone model. If you are facing troubles to find this information about your device, 4smarts recommends purchasing an active headset (e. g. 4smarts article number 465551) instead. Active headsets have a built in D/A controller and amplifier, to ensure the functionality – no matter if the D/A controller is included in your smartphone or not.
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Farba Čierna
Mikrofón Áno
Obalkova preprava 1
Bluetooth Áno
Typ konektora Audio 3,5 mm
Model Melody
Značka 4smarts
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